Lavender Shower Curtains

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Transforming your bathroom just by adding a touch of pale purple color may be the best idea you’ve had in a while; not only will it improve your bathroom look but it will lift your spirits as well. Using lavender shower curtains is an ideal way to achieve the latter and this is the perfect place to find data concerning this accessory.

Shower accessories are one of those main items that decorate houses and make rooms attractive. A bathroom should be fancy and make you feel comfortable because it is a place where you wind down, refresh and massage your body. Go through the following article so you get a better clue on several types of shower curtains such as the zebra print fittings.

Canon Lavender Field Shower Curtains

These shower fittings are made of pretty soft cotton that shows meadow of lavender paintings. It is made of 30% fabric and 70% polyester. It is manufactured in the United States of America. Its size is measured 70 inches wide and 70 inches length. You only wash with a machine, line dry and use a warm iron.

Zebra Print Shower Fittings

This bathroom accessory is made of painted accents and has a knob-hole pinnacle but does not have any rod holes. It is made of quality fabric and percale weaves. You can use a washing machine when washing. It comes in 72inches width and 72 inches length size. It has a lifespan guarantee.

There are shopping websites all over the net that you can use to buy lavender shower curtains such as and You must first research the on these sites to find out if it is reliable and whether it has safety and privacy rules. You must be careful by not giving your SSN and credit cards details to anyone. If you order, you should make a copy of the order that includes particulars of the company as proof so that should you not get your goods, you will be able to take further action.

With that, go ahead and sooth your mind as you shower in your newly-bought bathroom with lavender shower curtains. Other websites that will provide you with more information are  and