Marimekko Shower Curtains

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Marimekko is a top textile and clothing design company that was recognized in 1951. This Finnish company is based in Helsinki. Marimekko shower curtains are one of their products. Study the article below to get more data.

These beautiful bathroom accessories are not only attractive and stunning but they are made with great quality to last you longer. They have a variety of colors and sizes. You can get any you think will fit well with your bathroom decoration. To learn more about this product read the following paragraphs.

If you want the stunning line drawing by Maija Louekari that displays a number of profiles of a woman’s face nearby bright flowers and nightingale birds, you can try the Marimekko Iso Satakieli shower curtain. This polyester curtain is white and has an accent shed of light blues and greens, and a rural red color. This product will add artistic motif of blaze to your washroom. It has a height of 79" and a breadth of 71". It is machine washable.

You can also go for the Marimekko hetkia moments shower curtain. It has a picture of people walking down a city street that is drawn by hand. It is 100% polyester and is 79inches by 71 inches. It is machine washable. This product does not need a liner but do need shower rings (sold separately). This product costs about $55.00. To see similar products go to

If you want to buy Marimekko shower curtains on the net, use safe places. Remember not to give out your social security number. If you do, someone may steal your identity. When ordering, only give out the needed facts and not more. Always keep your password private if you don’t want people to go through your data without your permission.

I am sure that the information I have stated above on Marimekko shower curtains will help you while you make your choice. For data you can go to