Zen Shower Curtain

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Finding Zen shower curtains is difficult. If it accidentally happens that you find them, you shall meet three troubles. A) Payment costs for only the frill will be high, B) delivery charges shall be high too C) you shall be registered in long queues and finally receive rejects or poor quality frills. So to stay away from this read on the following content before you buy.

If you need these fittings go through the next editorial to get all the solutions and important shopping highlights. These gearings are cute, elegant and attractive. Their decency makes every individual buy and fit in houses.

Maytex Zen Garden PEVA Shower Curtain

Features natural design as well as restrained palette. This frill is fashioned with calming smooth contemporary look that has a wicker leaf design put along a freezing backdrop. It is made of PEVA non-chlorinated fabric vinyl that is unscented and flexible feel. Linen is not necessary because it includes 100% water-resistant. Size is 70” by 72”.

Zen Garden Bamboo EVA Shower Curtain

Displays a calming Zen sense in print of ivory and bright chocolate flowery plants written on slight brown lines and smooth blue chilly backdrop. Is created of free chlorine PEVA sateen yarn 100%. Dimension is 70 inches width by 72 inches length. Measurements are 72” x 72”.


No much demand and time consuming in washing these frills. You use wet cloth to wipe whilst hanged and dries up as soon as possible.

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