Dorm Shower Curtains

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If you are at a college where you are lucky enough not be sharing community showers then you can consider some decorative and attractive dorm shower curtains. Your dorm is your personal space and even if you are sharing with a friend you guys can get something that will at least improve the appearance of your shower. In fact there are some community showers that are partitioned and could also make use of these curtains.

When it comes to the kind of curtain to hang the options that you have are listless. I am sure you know that you can get fabric shower curtains, vinyl and polyester ones. For your situation I would recommend the vinyl which is heavy duty or the polyester which is highly water proof. These materials are perfect for dorm shower curtains. In fact polyester would be the best because it is also easier to maintain and look after.

You can check out the collection of dorm shower curtains that is available from There are a number of various college accessories that you will need as a student here and you can get your curtain from here as well. You can look up the Forma Shower Curtain which I would say is ideal. It is made from 100% polyester and the grommets are grooved with a rust proof material.

With proper care and maintenance this curtain might just last you your college years. The curtain is available in a number of colors allowing you to have the kind of look you want for you shower. Measuring 72 inches by 72 inches I’m sure it will be able to fit into a normal dorm size shower.

If you want dorm shower curtains that are bit more attractive and have more style then you can look up the ones available from There some really great pieces for those that have individual showers.