Shower Curtains at Pottery Barn

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When it comes to home decorating items each person has their brand items that they prefer. If you are decorating your bathroom you might consider any of the shower curtains at pottery barn. This range of curtains is particularly suited to those that like conventional designs and patterns. Most of the designs are geometric, concentric or floral patterns. Let us look at some of the ones that stand out from this group.

The Pottery Barn Laurel Organic shower curtain is one of the stunning items. This is a beautifully crafted curtain that has a distinct floral design. It has red laurels surrounded by green leaves on a cream background. If you have a floral concept going in your bathroom then you can put up this curtain. For price of about $60.00 you can have this curtain hanging in your bathroom. You can get this curtain and other shower curtains at pottery barn from

There is quite an extensive collection of these curtains here. Whatever your style and taste, you will find one that you can pick. For those that are interested in animal print curtains, there is the Zebra pattern shower curtain. This is one of the more popular themes in home décor. This is because you can get almost anything to match this item. You can get towels, window curtains, floor rugs and other items in the same pattern. Of all the shower curtains at pottery barn this one is my favorite.

If you are looking for a décor concept to use for your bathroom or even for your house, you can go for the zebra pattern. The other items are sold separately but the curtain itself is about $50.00. There is a whole list of other shower curtains at pottery barn that you can look up. Even if you are looking for curtains for your kids’ bathroom you will be able to get them here. You can also check out  for similar curtains as well.